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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad/prioradrelationship] The Body Shop is banking on both nostalgia and curiosity with this new launch of mixers and White Musk, both vegan formulas. I will admit that White Musk isn’t on my list of favourite fragrances but I know it takes a place in the hearts of many. Even at it’s height of popularity, I was still looking at Tangerine Bath Foam – so easily side-tracked by citrus :-). White Musk launched in 1981 – groundbreaking because it used a cruelty-free musk – so it is exactly 40 years old. And here it still is.

The Body Shop White Musk & Mixers

If you’ve never smelled The Body Shop White Musk, it’s a combination of florals (jasmine and lily of the valley) and musks – I find it quite sweet. I love the idea of boosters or mixers to add an extra dimension to the base fragrance although I have a sneaky suspicion that the mixers will get used on their own.

The Body Shop White Musk & Mixers

So, here we are – relatively affordable at £10 a piece, Lover will add some subtle spice, Free gives a fresh, mildly resinous aspect and Radical gives a nice boost of citrus green notes (and my favourite of them all). Radical is the one I’ve tried most and it gives an interesting, sharpening twist to White Musk by knocking down the sweetness – on its own, it’s like being spritzed with a gin and tonic (don’t mind if I do!) at first before becoming more softly lemony. Lover is surprisingly rounded with pink pepper and ambrette – not as spicy as the name suggests. Strangely, I got a bit of an apple note at the start with Free and to me, it’s the lightest of the toppers with daisy and sandalwood. I have no idea what daisy smells like.

The Body Shop White Musk & Mixers

The last on me wasn’t amazing – I mean it certainly stayed several hours but by night-time I couldn’t smell it any more but whether that’s just a bit of overload or not has to be taken into consideration. Fragrance combining is really a thing that all fragrance brands hope you’ll adopt because obviously, that equates to more sales. But the difference here is that they’re affordable at £10 each and you can easily opt to wear them alone. Anyone who loves White Musk (and there are many) will probably enjoy discovering the nuances without losing sight of the base. You can find everything HERE, non-affiliate HERE.

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