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[unpaid/sample] Oh my! This is indeed a very luxurious launch – La Perla has revamped their existing beauty offerings and introduced a few more, including one for lipstick collectors.

La Perla Beauty

I do not have this here – but I’m on the case because that is an absolute beauty. Embellished bullets are so much more of a thing than they ever used to be and the decoration seems to get more and more elaborate. We are very much in luxury territory and the prices reflect that. I’m not sure quite how much this is because it’s not shoppable yet, but a good introduction to the expansion the brand is making and further evidence of fashion brands making their move into the beauty market.

La Perla Beauty

It’s this kind of packaging that makes me wish I had a bone fide dressing table instead of a chest of drawers on which things get ‘arranged’. La Perla body products come in a pale beige-pink tone with white accents that makes it look delicate and tactile. These are both refillable by the way. There’s something a little bit Dior-ish about the vibe to me – the matte finish and understated colour palette maybe – which now I think about it, texturally it’s a complete juxtaposition to La Perla’s lingerie which is silky, floaty and sheeny.

La Perla Beauty

The brand is using a pro-biotic formula that’s 94% natural ingredient content. Their big hitter in hydration terms is rosehip oil and ingredient AcquaBio which is something I haven’t come across before. In simple terms, its a plant-based polysaccharide blend that hydrates through a water distribution mechanism for long lasting retention. In fact, one of the things I really noticed about both the balm and the lotion is that once you’ve moisturised, your skin stays supple and soft for a very long time – I’d almost say you may not need to do it daily even and certainly if you applied in the evening, you wouldn’t need to do it again in the morning.

La Perla Beauty

They’re both scented – it’s a kind of warm floral skin scent … to me it smells like expensive hotels do – it just has an aura of lavishness (quite strange to wake up in a semi detached in south east London when you smell like you’ve spent the night at The Ritz Paris ;-)). I mean, it’s utterly lovely. If you are floating about Harrods buying tiny, exquisitely embroidered thongs I can see that this would be a natural add to your basket. Skin softening, expensively scented, long lasting – you probably don’t even need the thong, actually. When it comes to the Body Firming aspect, the lotion contains ingredients to encourage collagen production (like a face cream would) but I’d be doubtful you’d see any meaningful firming, although I suppose that may depend upon your starting point. I’ve got a couple of the fragrances to review but I’ll do those separately. I was going to do them together but I’m covered in body balm and serum and while it’s promised that their fragrance will fit well with the perfumes, I think I need to go at them without the body product notes in the way. Anyway, the balm is £140 and the Lotion is £130 HERE. Definitely worth a cruse around their website just for the dreaming.


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