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[unpaid/purchase/affiliate] I can’t believe I’m on my 4th stick of Gucci Rene Pink Balm Lipstick – but here I am, having influenced myself! The last time I wrote about my purchase I said I was impressed with the packaging it came in (from the Gucci website) which was a little silky bag. This time though, it seems that the brand has changed things up, sending the lipstick in a hessian looking cotton slip and a logo printed mini-tote, also in cotton.

Gucci Rene Pink Lipstick

I must admit that I’m really thrilled with both things, a) because they’re useful, b) because they’re recyclable in a way that satin is not, and c) because they’re logo’d. I can’t help myself.

Gucci Rene Pink Lipstick

Gucci doesn’t seem to give samples at purchase – and let’s face it, lovely as they are to have, they’re usually quite heavy on plastic – so these little bags somehow seem like an ‘extra’ I wasn’t expecting. I was also surprised that postage is free.

Gucci Rene Pink Lipstick

I just feel end to end, this was a great purchasing experience – and of course, I have a brand new beloved Gucci Rene Pink Balm which totally takes the sting out of parting with £35. The thing about suddenly discovering that you are a person with a signature lipstick is the constant fear it might be discontinued or somehow become unavailable. I have yet to find an alternative that is just the right colour and just the right texture and doesn’t upset my lips and I also now understand why my mum was so welded to one single colour for so long. Back in the day when we didn’t all have 500 lipsticks stashed away in the bag of guilt, women did just have one or two lipsticks and replenished them only when they were on their very last legs. In fact, my mum could keep her entire make up collection on one shelf of a small bathroom cupboard while I’ve yet to meet the bathroom cupboard that could hold mine. My grandma had two lipsticks, a rouge and a powder on the go at any one time, kept in the top drawer of a chest of drawers (also in the bathroom next to the washing machine – I don’t know why the washing machine lived in the bathroom; I’m not sure it would pass any kind of safety test now) along with her gloves.

Gucci Rene Pink Lipstick

So, aside from testing product, I find myself drawn to the coral pink Rene over and above anything else – there’s never a day or occasion where it doesn’t feel like the right colour to choose, which accounts for why I’m now on No.4 and I can easily see myself proceeding to No.10 and beyond. I even keep the ends in a pot mixed with a little clear balm so I can use them up to the very end by applying with a lip brush. I’m honestly so happy I found it, even with my experience this side of the brand being atrocious, as a customer, I’m 100% satisfied! Gucci Rene Pink Baume is £35 HERE, non-affiliate HERE.

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